6 Rainy Day Promos!

  • Jun 29, 2024

Who says your promo has to suffer when the rain starts to fall? With specially branded promotional products, the fun doesn't have to stop when the rain comes. Whether it's a nice spring shower or a cozy fall rainy day, we've got it covered. As your go-to idea generators, we've picked out six promos to keep the fun going. So don't worry about splashing in puddles!

Arc Auto Open + Close Portable Umbrella 


Auto-open? Check. Auto-close? Check. This umbrella has it all! It's perfect for hair salons, valets, and car dealerships (okay, hear us out with the hair salons—you just got your hair done and don't want to ruin it in the rain! Boom. Branded umbrella). This umbrella comes in four distinct colors and has a handy protective zip case. 

37" Arc Telescopic Folding Travel Umbrella With Eva Case 

travel umbrella

Nothing is worse than being caught in the rain and not having your umbrella. The good news is that we've thought of a solution! This is a handy little umbrella that expands to a big 37"! Perfect to throw in a travel bag, glove box, or trunk. 

Classic Jumbo Rain Gauge 

rain gauge

Have you ever looked out the window on a particularly rainy day and wondered just how much rain you were getting? Us too! This Jumbo Rain Gauge is perfect for that! This little promo is great for lawn care companies, plant nurseries, and more. The gauge measures up to six inches in rain! 

Lightweight Event Poncho 

lightweight event poncho

Don't let the rain ruin your perfectly planned outdoor event! Always be prepared for whatever comes your way with these lightweight event ponchos. These are great for staff directing traffic, clean-up crews, or those in attendance. 

Barometer On Cherry Wood 


Invented in 1643, barometers measure the change in air pressure to give a reading on the weather outside. This beautiful barometer is mounted on luxurious cherry wood to make a gorgeous, helpful gift! This is great for employee and client appreciation gifts - especially if you know someone passionate about the weather. 

Contain-It™ Rain Poncho

rain ponchoYou really never know when the clouds are going to open up, and a downpour is going to happen! This handy space-saving rain poncho comes nicely rolled up in a little clip-on case to keep it close by whenever it's needed. Perfect for resorts, festivals, and more! 


You can never be too prepared when it comes to the weather! Whether you're shopping for umbrellas to protect valuable clients getting out of their cars at valets or just something to keep the party going at a music festival - we have you covered (all the puns intended!). Give us a call or shoot us an email today to get started on your dream promotional project!

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